Reducing Downtime, increasing utilisation

Spark helps companies transition their fleets to EVs and plan and utilise their vehicles and drivers more effectively. Set up in minutes, Spark provides live journey predictions through its mobile application, a sophisticated web-based EV planner to schedule single or batch journeys for mobile workers and a live online dashboard to track driver efficiency and live positioning.
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Mobile application

Removes range anxiety

Spark's mobile application uses live data from your vehicle, driver and real-time atmospherics to provide a personalised journey prediction.

More journeys and earnings

Higher service levels and greater capacity. Higher profitability and increased driver retention.

Simple to use

Quick to install – be up and running in minutes. Minimal driver training required.

EV Planner

Greater service uptime

Fleet managers can assign schedules for mobile workers knowing their state of charge at the end of each journey leg. You can save and assign schedules to drivers, integrating seamlessly with their mobile application.

Allocate EVs in real time

Match your best available EV to incoming requests in real-time. Full integration with existing dispatch systems. Easily scale EV operations and increase revenue, freeing up time and resources. Increase driver satisfaction and keep customers happy customers. Save time and money getting started with EVs.


Increased visibility and planning

See active drivers, live positioning, odometer, efficiency and live state of charge. This increases effectiveness of time and resources, and flags potential issues, such as driver training needs.

Stay legal and ease transition

Meet environmental goals through increased EV mobility, delivering improved air quality, and enhanced brand reputation and trust from government and your customers. Simple device, clever software

Simple device, clever software

Simple device

Receive Spark device with order, plug into car

Always up to date

Latest software and data to manage your fleet

Live fleet tracking

Monitors live GPS data and traffic information

Driving style

Analyse your journeys for enhanced journey prediction

Machine learning for greater accuracy

Systems adapts and learns with every journey

Your data is safe

Industry standard 256-bit encryption